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10/18/01- Webcam2000 Development Resumed at new site

It's been almost 2 years since I officially ceased working on webcam2000, and now a volunteer has stepped forward to take on the project. Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle has taken over development of the webcam2000 and now hosts the project at I'm no longer involved with the program, but am glad so many people have enjoyed it, and that Jeffrey will keep it going. Please head on over to his site for the latest version.

4/25/00- Webcam2000 mail list disbanded

Because of low activity and my discontinued support for Webcam2000, I have deactivated the mailing list. Thanks to all who participated.

11/15/99- Webcam2000 development stopped

Due to time constraints and other factors I am no longer actively maintaining Webcam 2000. The program and its source are still available but I will not be making any changes or updates for the forseeable future.

2/26/99- Added a FAQ page

If you have a question about using Webcam2000 please check the FAQ page first before emailing me.  I get asked question #1 just about every other day.

1/26/99 - New! Version 1.5 available

1/26/99 - WebCam2000 Mailing List

I've set up a mailing list for users of Webcam2000.  It's very low volume and provides a forum for people to discuss feature requests, problems, etc. I'll also use it to announce new versions of WebCam2000.  You can subscribe to it by sending an email to  Put "subscribe" in the BODY of the email.

What is the WebCam2000?

The WebCam2000 is a program for Windows95/98 for serving up images to the web from any video capture device connected to your computer.  WebCam2000 can serve pictures as either JPEG or bitmap (BMP) and can include complete HTTP headers or serve the image "raw".  The second case is particularly useful when you want to perform further processing on the image; for example by using WebCam2000 as a back-end to a CGI script.  One important thing to note is that the WebCam2000 is for people with a live internet connection only: the current version does not have the ability to dial-up an ISP and FTP upload an image.

How do I get the WebCam2000?

Simply click Download and then unzip the file.  Put the program wherever you want.   The file "readme.html"  explains how to use the program.

How much is WebCam2000?

WebCam2000 costs zip.  It is freeware.  Use it and enjoy.  If you have ideas for new features please let me know.  Or download the source and add the feature.

How's about a new feature?

I'm open to ideas.

What's with the stupid name?

Well, WinCam, WebCam, WebCam32, etc were all taken.  WinCam98 or 99 seemed like good choices, but then I figured I'd buy some time, and avoid Y2K problems and go right to 2000.  As it turns out Microsoft stole my naming strategy for their next version of Windows...

Alright already, where is the stinkin' thing?

Right here.

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