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About the source

WebCam2000 represents my first efforts at completing and releasing a Windows95 program.  I used the project as a learning experience to familiarize myself with MFC, C++ and Windows programming.  Please keep in mind that as my introductory project the code can be fairly, um, "unpolished" in places.  Also, I'm not sure I always did things the "right" way and the code contains remnant functions where I was experimenting to figure out how to do things...

That said, the source has a few features that I think other programmers might be interested in beyond the actual functionality of the program(at least based on the number of queries in the newsgroups asking about these subjects):

The source is free to be used as you wish.  If you come up with cool new features I'd really like it if you sent them to me for possible inclusion in a future version.   Here are some of the things I'd like to add:


I can't figure out how to create a memory context for an arbitrary bit depth.   CreateCompatibleDC() creates one that matches the screen.  Consequently if the screen depth is less than 24 bits the call to select my 24 bit bitmap into the DC fails.   There must be some way to do this.  If you know how please let me know!

Download WebCam2000 source.  (it's a DevStudio 5.0 project)

I couldn't have done this without the free JPEG library from The Independent JPEG Group.

Also, I stumbled upon CodeGurus- a really cool website devoted to Windows programming examples and techniques.  Unfortunately, I didn't find them till after I had completed most of version 1.0 of the program...but I did find the nifty HyperLink control which I used in place of my own which was kind of simplistic.  It's by Giancarlo Iovino.

For 1.5 I used all sorts of cool controls available from them.

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