Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Webcam2000 work in NT?

    No. There seems to be some sort of difference in the winsock calls. Since I no longer actively develop the program I will not be fixing it although others are welcome to and I will post the results here if you send them to me.

  2. How do I get streaming video?

    Webcam2000 serves still images only.

  3. How do I put the webcam image on my page?

    Use an "image src" tag just like for any normal picture but instead of pointing the URL to a static image, point it to your Webcam2000 server.

  4. No NT? No fixes? No Streaming video? Well then do you know where I can get a program that does do these things?

    Sorry, I haven't researched into the webcam scene for months. Check out or or someplace for the latest programs. Last time I checked there were a couple pretty cool ones but the free ones always did annoying things like put their logo on your image.

  5. Webcam2000 works fine on my machine but when I give my friends the address "http://localhost:8080" it doesn't work?

    The name "localhost" is a special name in TCP that all computers support that means "this computer".  It is an easy way for programs on a computer to connect back to that same computer.  I put the sample URL "http://localhost:8080" in the docs because it is a guaranteed way to test the connection on your own machine.  If you give that URL to other people though, it will simply tell their browser to connect to their own machine- which of course is not what you want.

    For people on other computers on the Internet to be able to reach you you must use the valid IP address or computer name that is given to you by your ISP.  For example: or See question #6 for further info.

  6. I have a dialup connection- how do I find my computer name or IP address?

    If you are a dial-up Internet user then your IP address almost certainly changes every time you call into your ISP.  There may be some automated way to determine your name or IP address and then send that info to your home page at your ISP, but I'm not aware of it.  Because it is a server, Webcam2000 is best suited for use on computers with full-time connections whose IP numbers don't change.

  7. I have the [insert your off the wall video contraption here].  How do I make it work with webcam2000?

    Beats me.  Webcam2000 works with devices that have standard "Video For Windows" drivers.  If your device has the proper drivers they will show up in Webcam2000 and should work.  If you don't have a "Video for Windows" device, I'm afraid I don't have any insights on what you need to do to get it to work.

  8. Why does it crash?  Fix it.

    Unfortunately I don't know.  Because of the wondrously stable operating system known as "Windows" programs that run fine on 99.5% of computers flame out mysteriously on others.  The whole "Video for Windows" system seems a little sensitive.

    One of the reasons I give away the source is the hopes that others can take the time to debug weirdness on their own systems and share their findings.  If you can't debug the problem yourself, please feel free to send a (detailed) crash report.  I probably won't be able to follow-up much but perhaps a pattern will emerge that I can fix in a future version.  If you feel this policy is unacceptable, please return Webcam2000 for a complete refund.